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On the road with our in‑house ecologist, Willem Bosma.

Do you want to know more about nature, a specific animal or flora in our area. Willem is willing to visit one of the beautiful nature areas in the area with you and your children. Or very close to the campsite, Willem can also enthusiastically tell you about everything that has to do with nature.
Call us on: 0613030844 ↬ for the possibilities ↬ .

Introducing (Willem‑Bosma)


Pleasant, my name is Willem Bosma, lover and admirer of mother nature at heart. My love for nature and everything it has to offer started at a young age. At the age of 7 I was already very fascinated by, for example, spiders, insects and birds of prey. I have always remembered a meeting with a young Kestrel somewhere in Friesland when I was about 8 years old.

In my spare time I spend a lot of time in nature. Sometimes in the backyard, but I go exploring throughout the Netherlands. From the Wadden to the southernmost tip of Limburg. During a walk I take extensive time to look at what comes my way. Think of a beautiful flowering plant with a variety of insects such as butterflies, flies, bees and beetles. Or a beautiful Kingfisher sitting on a branch above the water, waiting for prey. I can also enjoy myself with a simple tree on which mosses and lichens grow.


Being outside, connected to nature, is a kind of medicine for me. An outlet, source of inspiration, relaxation, reflection, a breath of fresh air. It's all possible, and it's just free. The variety of nature and biodiversity in our own country is really fantastic. You just have to want to see it. Get out and about. You can see all kinds of things in your own garden. When I'm outside I often wear binoculars and my eyes and ears are on edge. Bird watching remains a favorite activity. But in addition to birds, I am also specialized in reptiles, amphibians, fish, butterflies, dragonflies, other insects / invertebrates, mammals, (lichen) mosses and plants.

In addition to being involved with nature as a hobby, I am also professionally involved with nature. I do this as an ecologist. Projects in which I have participated in recent years are bat and bird research in various parts of the Netherlands, inventory of breeding birds in the Veluwe and in Friesland, inventory and control of Watercrassula (exotic) on Terschelling, inventory of butterflies in North Friesland, ecological guidance in various smaller projects and the implementation of bioblitzes (measuring biodiversity in a certain area). I also get a lot of satisfaction from giving excursions and lectures. Connecting people with nature.

Excursion themes & possibilities:

Birding excursion.

From the smallest songbirds to birds of prey and waterfowl. All kinds of bird species feel at home in the green Frisian landscape around Jubbega. Many birds can be seen both on and around farmyards and in the countryside.
With a bit of luck you can see and hear dozens of species here on a good day. Don't forget to bring the binoculars.
Duration: 2 hours.

Looking for butterflies and dragonflies.

You can see many species of butterflies and dragonflies on and around the campsite, but also in nature reserves in the area. This excursion takes place during sunny weather, in the period April / September, because that is when most species are active. During this excursion we will learn about the species and their interesting way of life.
Duration: 2 hours.

Evening/night excursion, bats, moths.

Anyone who thinks that the campsite is quiet late at night and at night is wrong. There are many animals active in the dark. Just think of bats and owls. These animals become active as soon as it gets dark and dusk. Many insects also become active, such as moths, spiders and beetles.
Duration: 1 to 2 hours.

Walking excursion through the Frisian landscape.

During this walk, attention is paid to the variety of landscapes, nature and the animals and plants that feel at home here.
Duration: 1 to 2 hours.

Early morning excursion.

You often see and hear the most in the early morning. Animals such as roe deer and foxes forage for a living, and birds sing most actively in the morning hours. And that peace, it is overwhelming.
Duration: 1 to 2 hours.

Tjonger, South‑East Friesland, The Other Friesland

Tjonger, South‑East Friesland, The Other Friesland

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